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Third U.S. Artillery Regiment

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Battery B

Third U.S. Artillery Regiment

A Unit of the American Civil War Association

     In contrast to units that only reenact on the field of battle, Battery B of the Third U.S. Artillery Regiment primarily reenacts the lives of soldiers of a garrisoned artillery battery. These reenactments are held primarily at Fort Point, where the historical Third U.S. Artillery Regiment was garrisoned throughout the War of the Rebellion.

   Though this new reenacting unit intends to eventually obtain the necessary artillery equipment to travel to and fully participate in ACWA and other reenactments events, the initial months of the unit's formation will consist primary of recruiting activities and training exercises.

     Under a special arrangement with the National Park Service, drill and training exercises will be held at Fort Point National Historical Site in San Francisco on designated weekends every month.  The fort has two field artillery pieces that will be used for light artillery training.


     Built between 1853 and 1861, Fort Point is the only third-system fort west of the Mississippi, and was commissioned two months prior to the attack on Fort Sumter.  Known as the Pride of the Pacific, Fort Point served as Guardian of the Golden Gate throughout the war and beyond.

     To learn more about the historical Third U.S. Artillery Regiment, click the link below.  Also provided below are links to the Uniform Requirements and Rules & Regulations of the reenacting unit.



Captain William Austine

Commanding Officer

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