Our Event Vendors:

The Dove and Thistle
Fine Dry Goods and Equipment
Jeff and Alaina Young 

San Benito Soap Works
Homemade natural soap, beard balms, beard oil, shaving soaps, mugs, brushes, 19th century toiletries.
Becky the "Soap Lady"

Fall Creek Sutlery 
Complete line of CW Reenacting Goods
Whitestown , In 46075 

The Candlestick Maker
Our best Advertisers are our customers
Caps guns and Historical make it and take it candle kits and crafts.
Tracey, Ca, (209) 836-3770 - (209)914-9966)
P.O. Box 92

Timeless Stitches
G & M

Other Authentic Vendors

Closed Facebook Groups:
The Authentic Citizen (it’s the counterpart of the Authentic Campaigner)

The Proper Child Mid-19th-Century Children’s Society and Clothing Exchange
The Civilian Civil War Closet
Civil War Civilian Reenacting for Beginners
Portraying Men of the mid-19th century

Timely Tresses
www.timelytresses.com and on Facebook
Correct ladies hats

Historical Threads
Civilian Men’s clothing 

Civil War Digital Digest 
Facebook and YouTube educational videos (mostly military but also games and civilian)

Originals by Kay Katherine Gnagey www.originals-by-kay.com 
custom corsets and ladies clothing

The Sewing Academy=Elizabeth Stewart Clark 
Facebook and www.thesewingacademy.com 
everything period sewing and patterns

American Duchess
Facebook and www.americanduchess.com
Period correct ladies shoes

LBCC Historical
Facebook and www.LitttleBits.etsy.com (the word little has three L’s)
period correct cosmetics and hair pomatums for men and ladies

Handstitches in Time 
Period correct children’s clothing. 

Ensembles of the Past
Ladies clothing

Dirty Billy Hats 
men’s civilian (and military) hats