The American Civil War Association

2022 Board of Directors:

President - Nickolas Marinelli

Vice President - Dale Mossberger

Secretary - Cormac Kelly

Treasurer - Michael Hearty

Union Brigade Commander - Colonel Mace Gjerman​​

Confederate Brigade Commander - Colonel Scott Parish

Civilian Coordinator - Alaina Young


Scott Parish Elected 2022

Confederate Brigade Commander

The Board of Directors would like to announce the results of the Special Election held earlier this month to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of the 2022 Confederate Brigade Commander. 


Having received 54% of the votes cast, Scott Parish has been elected to complete the term of 2022 Confederate Brigade Commander and Member of the 2022 Board of Directors. 


The election was certified by the Board of Directors March 30th by unanimous consent. Accordingly, Colonel Parish’s term will begin at 12:01 a.m. March 31, 2022.

The Board would like to thank Colonel Joshua Chiulli for serving as Acting Confederate Commander, allowing the Confederate members of the ACWA to have a voice on the Board of Directors these past few months. 

The Board would also like to thank Dale Mossberger, Vice-President of the ACWA, as well as the members of the Election Committee, for conducting a well-organized election.

Please join me in congratulating Colonel Scott Parish on his victory.

Your obedient servant,

Nickolas Marinelli