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The Election Committee has completed the counting of the votes for the election of the 2024 Board of Directors and has provided the results of the election to the Vice President.


The Vice President, in turn, has forwarded those results to the current Board of Directors.


The following are the results:


President: Alaina Young

Vice President: Dale Mossberger

Secretary: Nickolas Marinelli

Treasurer: Michael Hearty

Union Commander: Mace Gjerman

Confederate Commander: Scott Parish

Civilian Coordinator: Brooke Ewy


All candidates ran unopposed for the offices shown above. However, there were some write-in votes that did not affect the outcome of the election. Those persons who received write-in votes will be notified by the Vice President in the coming days.








Nominations for 2024 Board of Directors were held pursuant to the Bylaws of the ACWA between October 1st and October 15, 2023. There were seven (7) candidates nominated, one for each of the seven (7) offices: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Federal Commander, Confederate Commander, and Civilian Coordinator. The following are the statements that each Candidate submitted for themselves:



There is one candidate, Alaina Young, for the office of President.


     I, Alaina Young, declare my candidacy for the American Civil War Association 2024 President.


     I would like to continue the work that we have started this year. We have to get more events on our schedule in 2024. I will continue to work diligently on building new events.

     I want to continue building back our club membership to what it once was. We can’t do that unless we have something to offer our current members and entice new ones.

     Thank you for your consideration.


There is one candidate, Dale Mossberger, for the office of Vice-President.

     My name is Dale Mossberger, and I am seeking reelection to the board position of Vice President. It was great getting back out there earlier this year, but we need to add more venues for this upcoming year and into the future. I look forward to taking on this challenge with the board and all members of the ACWA. Thank you, and I would appreciate your vote.


There is one candidate, Nickolas Marinelli, for the office of Secretary.


     I come to you with 35 years of dedicated involvement in the reenacting community, and a deep-seated commitment to stepping up where I'm needed most. I've always found my niche in the world of administration, ensuring paperwork is ship-shape, records are impeccable, and the gears behind the scenes are greased and running smoothly. My previous service as a board member of three, hundred-year-old non-profit organizations has given me a solid foundation and the necessary experience to continue to be of service to the ACWA.

     Within the ACWA, I've had the honor of serving as Secretary under Presidents Charles Henry and Mark Price. In an interesting twist, I found myself in the role of President during the pandemic. More recently, I've been taking the reins as the Civilian Coordinator while simultaneously serving as the club’s Signal Officer, which essentially means I've been maintaining the club’s website and mailing list.

     Now, for reasons I can’t begin to fathom, I've been asked to toss my hat in the ring and run for the office of Secretary once again. Of course, I'm more than happy to oblige. If you choose to elect me for this role, you can rest assured that club records will be meticulously maintained, meeting minutes will be promptly shared with members, and membership cards will be dispatched with the utmost haste.  

     I've done it twice before and I’m game for a three-peat. I hope you will honor me with your vote.



There is one candidate, Michael Hearty, for the office of Treasurer.


     My name is Michael Hearty and I am running for reelection to the position of ACWA Treasurer. My three sons and I have been members of the ACWA for the last twelve years and are attached to the Federals in the 20th Maine. Over the past year, I have enjoyed working with the Board and meeting the members of the Club at the various events. I also appreciate the support that members have given me by volunteering to represent our Club with our different annual vendors. The opportunity to serve as Treasurer is a chance to give back to an organization that provides a great deal of enjoyment to my family and wonderful friendships to myself and my sons. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for Treasurer.




There is one Candidate, Mace Gjermann, for the office of Federal Commander


     My name is Mace Gjermann, and I am running for reelection to the rank of Colonel of the Union Brigade for the 2024 Campaign.


     During the 2024 campaign season I will continue to focus on restarting and replacing as needed our ACWA events and coordinating with other clubs to make it easier for all clubs to participate in each other’s events. I will continue to make it a priority that events are safe, entertaining, and fun for the public, the men of both brigades and our civilians.


     If elected, 2024 will be my final year as Colonel, I will work with all candidates interested in serving as Colonel in 2025 and will be honored to continue to work for the good of both brigades, civilians and the ACWA.


There is one Candidate, Scott Parish, for the office of Confederate Commander.

    Pursuant to the ACWA email of September 29, 2023 regarding Elections for 2024 Board of Directors, I am sending this email notifying you of my intention to run for Confederate Brigade Commander.  

    I have 14-years’ experience as a reenactor, including 2-years as sergeant of the 3rd Confederate, 5-years as captain of the 4th North Carolina, and 2-years as Confederate Brigade Commander.

     My focus for 2024 will remain on safety, authenticity, and improving drill.


There is one Candidate, Brooke Ewy, for the office of Civilian Coordinator.


    Hello everyone! I am Brooke Ewy and I am running for the position of Civilian Coordinator. Over the last 10 years of being in the ACWA I have been involved in civilian camp and both military encampments as a non-combatant.


     I look forward to helping civilians feel comfortable and well informed at events. I would like civilians and non-combatants alike to feel like Civilian Town is a space for all of them to gather, socialize and share their knowledge and skills with each other. Civilian Town should be a space for civilians and non-combatants to share their knowledge with the public and be a space for them to be together outside of the military camps. 



The Vice-President will appoint a three-member election committee to prepare and mail out ballots on October 31st.


The election will be held—and ballots must be postmarked—between November 1st and November 15th. Our new Bylaws (and California law) require that ALL members of the ACWA be allowed to vote for ALL Board positions.


The ballots will be counted by the Election Committee, and the results transmitted to the Vice-President. The Vice-President will present the results to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved by the Board of Directors, the results will be announced by email to the membership no later than November 30th.



2023 Past Events

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, Cal.

An event hosted by
Company G, 20th Ma
ine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
The National Park Service

Saturday, August 12, 2023
10:00 - 5:00

For more information, click HERE.


April 21, 22, & 23, 2023

For more information, click HERE.

Red Bluff, California
A RACW Event

April 29 & 30, 2023

For more information, click HERE.

Elk Grove, California
An NCWA Event

May 5, 6, & 7, 2023

Click HERE for more information

Jackson, California

May 20 & 21, 2023

Contact Event Coordinator Anna Quealey for more information

2023 Board of Directors:

President - Alaina Young

Vice President - Dale Mossberger

Secretary - Andrew Ewy

Treasurer - Michael Hearty

Union Brigade Commander - Colonel Mace Gjerman​​

Confederate Brigade Commander - Colonel Scott Parish

Civilian Coordinator - Nickolas Marinelli

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