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                                                                                    ACWA President
                                                                                        Gavin Iacono

Fellow Members of the ACWA,


I hope that you all had a Happy New Year and you are all doing well.  As we get ready to start the 2018 reenacting season I would like to encourage everyone to please take a few minutes and think about how you might be able to help to make this club and our events better.  Whether it is by volunteering for one of the positions that are appointed by the board, volunteering to help out with a school day, recruiting a friend or family member to come out and participate for the first time or just helping to spread the word about our club and our events.  The more that each and every one of us does goes towards making our hobby a better hobby, our events better events and our club a better club.  The events, the camaraderie and the battles are our reward for doing all the hard work leading up to and during each season.  Remember that the reason for  this is to educate people about the American Civil War and it takes all of us to do this.


I wanted to let you know that the new board has been elected and seated and the positions that are appointed will be filled as quickly as possible.  If you are interested in one of the appointed positions, please let me or one of the board members know so that you can be considered.  The new board members are listed below.  If you don’t know them take time to try and do so at an event or at a board meeting.




Remember to check our website at regularly for any updates on events and take advantage of the online membership form and safety tests as well.


Let’s make 2018 a great year and I look forward to seeing you all at our first event at Knights Ferry if not before.



Gavin Iacono