About This Site

This site was made using Drupal.  Drupal is a content management system, meaning it's easy to add or remove content (ie. pages, announcements, etc.).  Drupal is Open Source Software.  The paper-and-wood visual theme was custom made for the ACWA by Koplowicz & Sons.

The font on this site is Bell, which is an authentic 18th-century font.  Links on the home page are Madame.  The custom font faces are hosted by Fonts.com.  More on historical fonts.


More About Open Source

"Open Source" is a philosophy that if you've made something, you should teach other people how to make it too.  Open Source is the opposite of a patent or copyright.  Does that mean we're losing our intellectual property?  No; Open Source means that if I gave it to you for free, you have to give it away too.

Reenacting was an "open source hobby" before the term even existed.  Reenactors have always lived by the belief that if you share your information, the entire club will be better off.  We're a non-profit; what we do is for the benefit of the public.  If we share our information, not only do we benefit each other, but we benefit our public.  Open Source lets us fulfill our mission.